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As part of a global Energy Group, we are committed to providing top-level services in business consulting and financing innovative investment projects. Our association of high-class experts from various fields of science and business enables us to carry out complex ventures with high business potential both locally and globally.


Contribution to Innovation and Energy Development

Our activities span a broad range of projects, from initiatives related to renewable energy sources, through innovative technological solutions, to sustainable development strategies. To date, we have completed dozens of large innovative and energy projects, demonstrating our deep knowledge and experience in these fields.


Effective Risk Management

One of the key aspects of our work is effective management of technological and financial risk. Thanks to our advanced methods and tools, all investments we undertake are characterized by high developmental potential while minimizing potential risks.


Utilization of EU Funds

A particular point of pride for our Group is our ability to secure EU grants for our projects, confirming the innovation and social value of our initiatives. Between 2007 and 2021, we completed over 150 EU projects from various fields, contributing to the development of many sectors and introducing groundbreaking solutions to the market.


Collaboration with Leading Entities

In our projects, we collaborate with several large industry companies, allowing us to comprehensively carry out initiatives from the conceptual phase to implementation and investment financing. This synergy of competencies and experiences guarantees the success of our projects.


Educational Activities and Knowledge Promotion

We are also active in the educational field, organizing over 25 conferences and training sessions aimed at promoting knowledge on sustainable development, alternative energy, and technological innovations. These events attract experts from around the world, enabling the exchange of experiences and best practices.


Available References

Upon request, we are ready to provide detailed references of our completed works, along with a list of entities we have had the pleasure to collaborate with. Our projects and their outcomes are the best testament to our professionalism, commitment, and contribution to promoting green energy transformation.

We invite you to review our references and join the group of satisfied partners who, like us, believe in sustainable development and innovation as the key to a better future.